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2018 Classroom Grant Application



Snohomish Education Foundation

The Snohomish Education Foundation is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting student success.  As a community-based organization, we rely on donors and volunteers to help us carry out our mission of fostering learning by expanding opportunities for students.  Proceeds support programs for students and college scholarships.  For more information contact Sherri Williams at 360-568-5292 or website of www.snoed.org

Snohomish Education Foundation – www.snoed.org – office@snoed.org – 360-568-5292 – P.O. Box 1312, Snohomish, WA 98291


Our children in the Snohomish School District will benefit from Foundation programs from kindergarten all the way through to high school graduation and beyond.  Since 1986, the Foundation has administered over $1,500,000.00 in scholarships.
In elementary school, students benefit from online math programs, music curriculum, summer arts and science academy and reading programs.  Then in middle school, students have continued online math support, robotics, book clubs and even a product engineering class where they can print their product on a 3D printer!
Over $533,000.00 has been given in classroom grants and nearly $350,000.00 in district-wide grants.  The Foundation works side by side with the district to support students by investing in high-impact programs.
In high school our students have the advantage of STEM classes, more robotics, pathway and other cutting-edge programs along with college-level training and financial support for college scholarships for graduating seniors.
Please join us, along with fellow parents, businesses, PTOs and other education supporters; with a gift to help our children achieve academic success. Visit our website, www.snoed.org, for more information on all our programs.
Also, check with your employer about matching your donation.  Boeing, Microsoft, many federal, state and local government employers and others have established gift/volunteer matching programs or United Way campaigns.Support SEF everyday, when you shop at Fred Meyer, Amazon Smile, or igive.com.  Simply designate SEF to be the non-profit organization linked to your rewards card or online account. Donations are based on customer’s accumulated spending, while customers still receive their own rewards.Thank you for your support!  This year we look forward to honoring the past, celebrating the present and shaping the future together!Patty Venema, President
Snohomish Education Foundation

About the Snohomish Education Foundation

A Strong Community, Growing Stronger

It was by serendipity that our two founding members, Marian Berge and Mal Harding, each just having returned from separate conferences, decided to join the buzz around school foundations. They recognized the long tradition of Snohomish support for its schools, and realized that creating a foundation was natural undertaking for this community. That was 1986. Since then, SEF’s efforts to broaden educational opportunities for students in the Snohomish School District have flourished.  Learn more…

You can ensure a strong, healthy future for our children by supporting student success in Snohomish schools. Your support goes directly to classroom grants, scholarships, and program funding to help students reach their potential.

The Snohomish Education Foundation fosters learning by expanding opportunities for Snohomish School District students. Striving to expand opportunities while facing fluctuating state and local resources, we work year-round to connect with schools, get to know their needs, and raise funds to support them. We believe that opportunity and excellence in the schools ultimately strengthen the community.

Support the Success of Snohomish Students

You can help Snohomish School District students exceed their expectations by supporting one of our success programs.

Student Scholarships

This year we were able to award over 175 individual scholarships to Snohomish’s Glacier Peak, Snohomish and Aim High class of 2015 totaling $166,000.0e8ddeee-e95e-4e24-bc2a-33eac7f13db8

Classroom Grants

Each year the Snohomish Education Foundation asks our teachers to “Imagine… the Future” and dream big – if they had the funding what could they or would they do.


James Hansen Memorial Shoe Fund

Donations made to the Hansen Shoe Fund in 2015 will allow the Foundation to purchase more than 275 pairs of new shoes for our District’s children in 2015-2016.


Pathway Partnership

Each year the Snohomish Education Foundation holds a fund drive and raises money for a specific Snohomish School District-wide program.


Attend a Snohomish Education Event

By involving and expanding our community, we generate proceeds that benefit schools and students.

Annual Breakfast
May 24th at Glacier Peak High School

Annual Auction and Gala
October 1st at Tulalip Casino Resort

Directly Support, Sponsor, or Volunteer

There are many ways you can help. In addition to our events, we invite you to directly support our foundation or get involved by volunteering your time and expertise! Here are some ways to do it.


You can donate online, mail a check, ask your employer about matching funds, donate via Shopper Rewards Programs, bequest a git, or set up a dedicated scholarship or grant.


We offer a variety of year-long and event specific recognition benefits to our sponsors.


We rely on donors and volunteers like you to help us carry out our mission of Supporting Student Success by providing classroom grants, scholarships, and program funding to help students reach their potential.