2022 SEF Annual Fund

Snohomish School District Credit Recovery Program & Summer Academy

The Snohomish Education Foundation announced through fundraising and community donations, it has recently awarded $50,000 to the Snohomish School District’s new Credit Recovery Program and the Summer Academy. This grant provided funding for teachers and staff to support students who have struggled academically and socially with COVID-19’s remote-learning.

Through the Snohomish School District’s Credit Recovery Program, high school teachers and counselors identified and encouraged 347 students (grade 9-12) who benefitted from this summer opportunity. The State of Washington now requires 24 credits to graduate from high school. With a six-period class schedule, students who attend regular school hours for four years will earn 24 credits. Failing even a semester puts a student at-risk of not graduating. This new summer program gave those “credit-short” students an opportunity to regain credits and stay on-course to graduate

The Snohomish School District’s new Summer Academy focuses on teacher and counselor-identified students whose basic skills (reading, writing, math) and school habits (attendance, attention, participation) and relationships with others have been most impacted by COVID-19’s learning interruptions. This new program hosted over 300 elementary students (grade 1-6). It will build academic skills and habits through activities and project-based learning. For over 11 years, this FUN summer program has provided learning tools that have demonstrated academic improvement for those students who have attended, compared to those students who have not.

The 2022 Summer Academy had 18 teachers, 16 para-educators, one office administrator, and one administrator. 38 students with special needs were welcomed as well. Trained para-educators teamed with the teachers to ensure that special needs students experiences bolstered their academic skills. Led by Administrator, Shareene Mossburg and her team, the summer staff focused on sparking student interest in learning, and opening doors that they may not have known existed.

The Summer Academy and Credit Recovery Program’s learning outcomes will be assessed by the district’s Teaching & Learning Services. Data on student analytic strengths and challenges and will be reported and graphed for future program development. The district has two years of data documenting that reading skill retention is greater for students who attend the summer program than those who do not. Using the STAR reading skills test, the Snohomish School District measures each student’s reading abilities in the fall, winter, and spring.

Research indicates students who have a positive relationship with school staff are more likely to succeed. That connection helps students develop constructive school habits and boost their potential for success. Using trauma-informed strategies and mentoring skills, teachers and staff will help students not only build necessary academic skills, but build trust, confidence, and a commitment to stay, succeed in school, and graduate on-time.

For more information about the Credit Recovery Program or the Summer Academy, visit the Snohomish School District’s website at www.sno.wednet.edu.