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Scholarships administered by SEF are self-directed by individual scholarship sponsors and are subject to change.

The Snohomish Education Foundation announced through fundraising and community donations, it has awarded 186 scholarships totaling more than $170,000 to 127 graduating seniors from AIM, Snohomish, and Glacier Peak High Schools.

The family of Russ Roberts Memorial Scholarship with scholarship recipient, Maya DuChesne (fifth from left).

“I’d like to extend my sincere congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 2019. These students are outstanding in many arenas beyond their studies; they are perceptive and energetic, and are ready to go out into the world and get involved in finding solutions for today’s national and global challenges. It is my pleasure to partner with the Snohomish community to support these graduates on their many pathways to the future through our local scholarship program,“ said Carol Robinson, SEF Board member and Scholarship Committee Chair.

The students were recently recognized at Senior Recognition Night at all three high schools. In attendance were members of the Snohomish School District Board, School District Administrators, teachers, families and friends.

Since 1996, the Snohomish Education Foundation has awarded over $2,207,631 in scholarships to Snohomish School District graduates. In 2019, the Foundation added three new scholarships; Gordon Cole Scholarship, Randy Thaut Memorial Sports Scholarship, and the Ryan Seek Memorial Scholarship. The Foundation invites donations to existing scholarships or to establish new scholarships in honor of, a memorial, or by an organization, family or alumni group.

The Snohomish Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting student success through scholarships, classroom grants, District grants, and the Hansen Shoe Fund. As a community-based organization, the Foundation relies on private donors and volunteers to carry out their mission of fostering learning by expanding opportunities for Snohomish School District students.

Learn how you can help fund college dreams

Scholarships are tax deductible donations and assist students with costs associated with higher education. These scholarships are easy to start and rewarding to give. We encourage all of our scholarship sponsors to provide eligibility standards and/or participate in hand selecting their recipient(s). Each spring we hold a special ceremony to celebrate student accomplishments and invite sponsors to meet their recipients. Here are a few reasons that scholarships are an ideal giving opportunity.

Local businesses may choose to award scholarships for a variety of reasons: to encourage study in their chosen field, increase their pool of qualified employees, or provide a community service.

Service organizations award scholarships each year that encourage volunteerism within the community and reward students for good citizenship.

Scholarships in the name of a family or in honor of a loved one. Scholarships are an incredible way to leave a legacy for a person or an entity.

The Snohomish Education Foundation not only provides administrative support, it also awards several thousand dollars in funds each year to students. The Foundation can also assist with the creation and maintenance of endowments. Endowments are principal investments that self fund awards through earnings. Contact us today at 360.568.5292 or to find out how you can sponsor your own scholarship and make a young person’s college dreams a reality, or to donate to this worthwhile Foundation.

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American Legion Post Auxiliary #96 Scholarship
George Dearinger,   Kevin Olbright,   Shaniya Perman,   Austin Taylor

Barbara Gorud Memorial Scholarship
Samantha Boyle,   Madelyn Eatmon

Ben Milne Special Education Scholarships
Kamryn McDaniel,   Oliver Munguia

Bonnie Carrick, Friends of the Snohomish Public Library Scholarship
Estefany Simental Hernandez

Boyden Family Scholarship
George Dearinger,   Conner Paulson,   Malia Petrick,   Matthew Weller

Bruce Fritch Memorial Scholarship
Lindsay Parsons

Burt Family Scholarship
Corbin Ferrie,   Emmalee Mikulsky,   Kathryn Millett,   Estefany Simental Hernandez

Cathcart Elementary PTO Scholarship
Alexis Morrison,   Payton Quinn

Chapter FQ P.E.O. Scholarship
Skyler Groenier

Chapter HW P.E.O. Scholarship
Areya Perman

Chartwell’s Culinary Scholarship
Amar Halaweh,   Brianna Kloppenberg

Coach Armstrong Memorial Scholarship
Kian Abdalkhani,   Maya DuChesne

Danny Osborne Memorial Scholarship
Katherine Grant

David Gilbert Memorial
Jared Jones

DECA Scholarship Awarded by Soundair Avition Services
Hannah FagernessDECA Scholarship Awarded by Union Bank

Dramatic Arts Scholarship GPHS
Jorah Atkinson,   Natalee Bozzi,   Hanna Ceja,   Sophie Chissus,   Daniel Geiszler,   Danielle Hegarty,   Mary Claire Kendall,   Baily Schaefer

Duane Kuhlman Agriculture Scholarship
Shelby NelsonEvan Memorial Scholarship

Gene Murphy Family Memorial Scholarship
Eli Kirk,   Matthew Weller,   Oliver Munguia

Glacier Peak High School Parent Organization Scholarship

Gordon Cole Scholarship
Katherine Anderson,   Robert Lee,   Samuel Matson

GPHS Parent Organization Scholarship
Elijah Beals,   Hannah Clymer,   Emily Foley,   Daniel Geiszler,  Emmalee Mikulsky,   Zachary Nations,   Nikki Nguyen,   Jomary Olympio,   Zachary Rodriguez,   Marshall Ross

Harold & Hazel Marten Writer’s Award
Taylor Lattin

Jay Hajek Memorial Scholarship
Emily Ovall

Jeff Starr Memorial Scholarship
Connor PaulsonJim Spada Memorial Snohomish Lion’s Club Scholarship
John G. Big John Hoffman Memorial Scholarship

John Sather Memorial Scholarship
Jade McRae

Jon Sahlstrom Memorial Pediatric Scholarship
Paisley Tallmon

Jonathan Bishop MD Scholarship, Snohomish Family Medicine
Katherine Anderson,   Christina Argue

JROTC College Scholarship
Kayla Dunham

Karen E. Richards Memorial Scholarship
Summer Stultz

Keith Gilbertson Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Claire Gillings,   Cole Kelsey

Ken & Flo Schilaty JROTC Memorial Scholarship
Kayla Dunham

Kla Ha Ya Days Scholarship
Grace McManus,   Areya Perman,   Michael Christian Simonson

Kiwanis Club of Snohomish Scholarships
George Dearinger,   Tamia DeSchmidt,   Gabrielle Loesch,   Emmalee Mikulsky,   Emily Ovall,   Mary Robinett,   Michael Christian Simonson,   Julia Williams

Kiwanis Club of Snohomish Roy Fritch Memorial Scholarship
Shelby Nelson

Kossian Chiropractic Scholarship
Rachel Millard

Larry Deierling Memorial Scholarship
Isabel Anderson,   Kelsey Bensen,   Liliana Cox,   Lyric Crane,   Samuel Fletcher,   Benjamin Medranda Lentz

Lions Club of Snohomish Scholarship
Brianna Kloppenberg,   Kathryn Millett,   Zachary Nations

Little Cedars Alumni Scholarship
Christina Argue,   Cameron Barnett,   Kendall Curtis

Lyla Meyer Scholarship
Eden Anana

Machias Elementary PTG Scholarship
August Gorton,   Taylor Lattin,   Mara McRae,   Emily Ovall

Math, Science & Engineering, Donna Breske & Associates Scholarship
Adam Kowalchyk

Microsoft Office Certification Scholarship
Evan Brees,   Emily Garat,   Alexander Knowlton,   Elliana WejakMonroe Rotary Club Scholarship

Pat Kuhlman Nursing Scholarship
Paisley TallmonPatrick Castro “Excellence in Vocal Music” Scholarship

Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital Pre-Veterinary Scholarship
Hailey Hallerman,   Kristina KotulakProfessional Youth HR Leaders of Snohomish County

Randy Thaut Memorial Sports Scholarship
Cole Kelsey,   Mara McRae

Robert & Mary Waltz Scholarship
Cameron StevensonRomaine Schaus Memorial Education Scholarship

Roulstone Family STEM Scholarship
Eli Kirk,   Melia Taylor

Russ Roberts Memorial Scholarship
Maya DuChesne

Ryan Seek Memorial Scholarship
August Gorton

Scott Steed WSU Memorial Scholarship
Emily Foley

Scott West Memorial Scholarship
Zachary Rodriguez

Siddoway-Cedergreen Scholarship
Austin Taylor

Snohomish Education Foundation Renewable Scholarships
Christina Bayouk,   Jayden Dizard,   Mikaela Gestson,   Jessica Guerrero,   Nicholas Heike,   Alexander Knowlton,   Alexandra Kube,   Olivia McKenzie,   Julie Murphy,   Suna Oh,   Presley Rasmussen,   Kylee Southard,   Tyler Tanta,   Melia Taylor,   ColeJohn Tonnes,   Eliana Wejak,   Abigail Wright,   Natalee Bozzi,   Emily Garat,   Eden Iazeolla,   Emma Lever,   Claire Owens,   Kira Tutor

Snohomish Education Foundation Scholarship in honor of Marian Berge & Mal Harding
Julia Williams

Snohomish Education Foundation Scholarship in honor of Dr. Bill Mester
Emily Ovall

Snohomish Education Foundation on behalf of Dennis & Barb Dinkla
Taylor Lattin

Snohomish Education Foundation on behalf of the Robinett Family
Matthew Carroll,   Madison Harasek,   Graden Hutchison,   Grace Raper,   Alex Vickers

Snohomish Garden Club Scholarship
Meghan Finegan

Snohomish Girl Scout Scholarship
Danielle Hegarty,   Baily Schaefer

Snohomish Historical Society Scholarship
Elina Head,   Zachary Nations

Snohomish Junior Athletic Association (SJAA) Jason Casteel Memorial Scholarship
Ellena Everett

Snohomish Junior Athletic Association (SJAA) Referee Scholarship
Caleb Tonks

Snohomish Junior Athletic Association (SJAA) Steecher Leadership Award
Kolton Smith

Snohomish Principal’s Association Scholarship
Jessica Geurrero,   Brooke Wallace,   Katherine Grant

Snohomish Saurkraut Band Scholarship
Jacob Ragland

Snohomish Sportsmen’s Association Bob Heirman Memorial Scholarship
Julia Williams

SSD MC JROTC Parents Association Scholarship

Snohomish Sportsmen’s Club Tuck Gionet Memorial Scholarship
Sara Mingue

Snohomish Tillicum Kiwanis Scholarships
George Dearinger,   Hannah Fagerness,   Huy Griffiths,   RJ Hallmark,   Mary Robinett

Snohomish Wedding Guild Legacy Scholarship
Noah Stone

Snohomish Youth Volleyball Association Scholarship
Christina Argue,   Allison Graham,   Baily Schaefer,   Natalie Stern

SSD MC JROTC Parent’s Association Scholarship
Kayla Dunham,   Chyanne Kienitz,   Samuel Matson

Steve Salvadalena Memorial Scholarship
Chandler Irving

Stockton Memorial Scholarship
Samantha Scheldt

The B.O.L.D. Scholarships
Gloria Choe,   Katie Hodkinson,   ColeJohn Tonnes

Totem Falls PTO Scholarship
Hannah Clyer,   Emmalee Mikulsky Townsend Top Scholar Award
Townsend Top Scholar Award

Valley View Parent Club Scholarship
Tamia DeSchmidt,   Zachary NationsWallace Endowment Fund

Wallace YMCA Scholarship
Andrew Bartelheimer,   Noah Dunham,   Jade McRae,   Grace Roberson