Frequently asked questions about the Snohomish Education Foundation

No. Unfortunately, the amount the State provides combined with levy dollars does not meet the costs of education expected by the Snohomish School District community. The money that is collected through taxes and levies provides for basic educational supplies, salaries and capital improvements. The Foundation is working to enhance what your taxes pay for. We are working to provide additional classroom equipment, materials and student scholarships for college so that students will have learning opportunities beyond what the state can pay for.
Each local PTA/PTO does a great job of support programs in their individual school. The Foundation is working to address district-wide programs and is not limited to a particular school. Many people want to use their donation to meet the needs of children throughout the District, beyond their affiliated school and also provide scholarships to our graduating seniors. Donating to the Foundation is one way to do this.
Our grants, SEF scholarships and district-wide program are all the result of SEF fundraising which all encourage innovation and excellence which translates to a valuable successful classroom experience for our students. In 2016, the Foundation funded 65 classroom grants totaling $69,000, funded $25,000 in scholarships and $40,000 in district-wide grants.
The Trustees of SEF select items that best fit the mission and goals of the Foundation. Our focus is on innovative classroom grants in all the schools across the District. SEF also teams with the School District personnel for their input to identify and prioritize projects. Communication between SSD and SEF is critical in determining what programs SEF might be able to fund.
Yes. Any specific and separate gifts given outside of a fundraising event/campaign can be specified for a particular program of your choice.
Although the Foundation’s mission is to enhance educational opportunities for all SSD students and it works closely with SSD, the Foundation is *NOT* an arm of the Snohomish School District. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer driven organization that raises money to support the education of all SSD students in public schools. It is a separate organization with its own Board of Trustees and staff. The dispensation of funds raised is based on the mission and goals developed by the Foundation trustees.
Please feel free to call the Foundation office at 360-568-5292 or send an email directly to office@snoed.org. Our website is www.snoed.org.