Pathway Partnership

Imagine… District-wide Impact Programs

Each year the Snohomish Education Foundation holds a fund drive and raises money for a specific Snohomish School District-wide program. Items that have been funded in the past have taken the level of education being offered in our District above that of most others across the Nation – a fact we take great pride in.

2016 student programs check presentation


In 2016 the Snohomish Education Foundation presented $46,000 to Snohomish School District for Summer Arts & Science, P-3 Reading Readiness and Computer Science Programs





In 2010 and 2012 the Snohomish Education Foundation was proud to provide over $95,000 to the Snohomish School District to help launch the first high school Biotechnology and Machining Programs in the United States using 3D printers. The Pathways Program is a computer based high tech curriculum that allows students to learn technology systems and manufacturing processes, discover their passion for math and science through hands on experiences, and prepare our students for jobs in the high-demand fields of aerospace and healthcare.

Imagine a child discovers a love for math and science……

“I used to hate science class because I couldn’t see how it related to my life as a high school student. The Biotech Pathways Program changed that. It showed me how to integrate math and science and apply them to real-world problems. I now have a summer internship at Fred Hutch where I will be creating molecular models and researching a cure for breast cancer.”
– 2011 Pathway Program student

Through this program students are able to earn 35 credits transferable to Everett Community College. These programs give our future doctors, nurses, researchers, engineers and machinists an unbelievable head start and according to Snohomish School District studies, the students in these programs are 30% more likely to graduate from high school and continue on with a higher learning program. The National Science Foundation has acknowledged the value of this program and in 2011 awarded the Snohomish School District a grant to expand our existing Pathways Program curriculum

In 2012 the Snohomish Education Foundation awarded the Snohomish School District over $35,000 to expand this program into the middle schools. This program integrates math and science offering our students access to advanced educational opportunities currently unavailable to other middle schools in our Country.