Snohomish Education Foundation Announces New Director

The Snohomish Education Foundation announced that it has hired Sherri Williams to be its new Director. Sherri has previously worked for Columbia and First Heritage Bank, both located in Snohomish.

She began work on January 12th and brings a combination of business experience and a connection to the local community from her prior 30 years in banking as well as involvement in non-profit organizations and boards. “An organization such as SEF touches the lives of all students, parents, teachers, school administration, and the community. It is an honor to be working with such an inspiring organization as this”, said Williams.

Sherri has been very involved in a number of non-profit boards, foundations, and community programs throughout Snohomish County over the past three decades, including Cascade Valley Hospital Foundation, Valley General Hospital Foundation; GROW Washington, and the Snohomish Senior Center.

“Our Board of Trustees recently reevaluated the duties and responsibilities of the Director position with its eye on the future needs of the Foundation”, said President, Patty Venema. “We were delighted to see the response of our community to our call for candidates as our new Director. With continued growth of the Foundation as our #1 priority, the Director will be responsible to facilitate our strategic goals and build on the successes achieved by our most recent leadership”, continued Venema. “We are very confident that Sherri will be a great asset in helping us achieve these goals.”


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