The Snohomish Education Foundation Announces Transition

Today the Snohomish Education Foundation announced that Sandy Bartel Tennant plans to step down as the Director of the Foundation.  Sandy has worked for the Foundation for the last three years serving first as the Office Manager and then it’s Director.  “My years with the Foundation have been richly rewarding.  I have been honored to be a part of an organization that shares my passion for and commitment to education,” said Sandy. “I plan to remain actively involved with the Foundation as a volunteer, donor and as the Foundation’s #1 fan, but am looking forward to other opportunities that provide me an improved work-life balance.”

The Snohomish Education Foundation Board of Trustees extends many thanks to Sandy for her years of service.  “Sandy has been instrumental in the many successes the Foundation has achieved over the past several years, including an interactive and improved website, the launch of the Foundation’s 5-K Teacher Appreciation Event, and improved community awareness,” said Foundation President Cathy Reines.   “Sandy’s leadership and many contributions as our director will be greatly missed,” Reines continued.

“The Board of Trustees has taken this opportunity to reevaluate the duties and responsibilities of the director position with its eye on the future of the Foundation,” said Vice-President Patty Venema.  “With growth of the Foundation as our #1 priority, the Director job description has been rewritten to facilitate our strategic goals and to continue the progress made under Sandy’s direction,” continued Venema.

Sandy will remain in her current position while the Foundation Board seeks a new Director.  The Foundation plans to post the new Director Position on its website on Monday, November 17, 2014. The Foundation requests that potential applicants refrain from applying until they review the positions description and criteria.

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