In the fall of 1983, Patrick Castro became the Director of Choral/Vocal Music at Snohomish High School. He served in that position for the next twenty-two years. During his tenure, the Choral Music Department gained a reputation for excellent performance and a high level of musicianship. In 1985, Castro founded the Women’s Ensemble, which joined the Concert Choir and the Crimson Singers in the choral music curriculum. All three groups took advantage of travel opportunities throughout the state of Washington. The vocal jazz ensemble, The Crimson Singers performed in vocal jazz festivals and competitions from Vancouver, B.C. to Oakland, California; from Everett to Pasco, Washington. They consistently received the highest ratings. In 1988 and again in 2001, The Crimson Singers performed in the city of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, People’s Republic of China.

Under Pat Castro’s direction and leadership, choral music students gained not only a deep level of musical/vocal training, they also learned about unity, dedication and hard work. And they always had fun doing it! On an annual basis, many of those singers come back to join their classmates in yet another performance! And they love it!

At his retirement in 2005, Pat Castro founded the “Excellence in Vocal Music Scholarship.” Its purpose is to supply monetary assistance to Snohomish School District graduates who plan to continue their vocal music studies at a college or university. These students needn’t major in music, although they must continue to participate in a vocal music ensemble.

Interested senior students may receive scholarship application materials by calling Tammy Holten at 360-563-1042.

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