Support the Keith Gilbertson Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Donations at $66+ and $250+ levels may be honored on the Gilbertson Memorial.

Click here to fill out a form to indicate the lettering you wish to appear on your Donor Recognition Plaque located on the Gilbertson Memorial.

If you don’t wish to be recognized on a Donor Recognition Plaque, then click here to make an online donation or use the mail-in form above and do not fill in the “Recognition Information” section. (For online donations click the box on the donate-online page that says “I would like to designate this donation to a specific fund” and select then “Keith Gilbertson Sr. Memorial Scholarship” in the drop down list that appears. Please note that SEF does not assess fees to administer their scholarship program.)

For more information call us at 360-568-5292

* * *

THANK YOU for contributing to this memorial legacy on behalf of Mr. Gilbertson.