Keith Gilbertson Sr. Memorial Scholarship “Fact Sheet”

Origin of the Scholarship

Since his youth as a Snohomish student-athlete, during his career as a Snohomish High School English teacher and coach, and continuing at Snohomish as a volunteer coach after his retirement, Mr. Gilbertson always sought to “raise the bar” of expectations for several generations of Panthers. “Gilby”, in his roles as teacher,  mentor and coach, constantly supported each person’s maximum potential.

Mr. Gilbertson never accepted compensation for his volunteer coaching and mentoring work in our community. He always said, “That is not why I do it.” It is estimated that had he received the typical stipend paid to assistant football and basketball coaches over his 31 years of volunteering after he retired, he would have earned about $250,000 in pay.

In honor of Mr. Gilbertson’s lifetime achievements, it is time for his community to “give back” by supporting a fundraising campaign to endow two college scholarships in the name of Keith Gilbertson Sr. The scholarships are managed by the Snohomish Education Foundation where no fees are assessed to administer the scholarship or on the endowment’s earnings . Read more about the scholarships managed by SEF.

Scholarship Award

The scholarships are available for eligible Snohomish High School student-athletes beginning with the graduating class of 2012.

The scholarships are awarded from the Keith Gilbertson Sr. Memorial Scholarship fund that is invested by SEF for growth and income, this endowed fund assures the Gilbertson scholarships will be awarded to eligible Snohomish High School student-athletes in all future years.


Eligibility for the scholarship is determined by the following criteria:

  • Participated in athletics at SHS
  • Achieved a level of academic success
  • Completed some community service
  • Displayed forms of leadership

For More Information

Click here for more information about the lifetime achievements of Coach Gilbertson.